Little Hero Robot

Made to enable the next generation to solve problems like a Hero. An educational STEM robot for Kids, Beginners, and Adults. It’s affordable, easy-to-run robotics kit for kids to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, robotics.

Be Cre8v Little Hero’s great design makes a really cute and kid-friendly robot. Its Sturdy, Loaded with powerful Micro Computer (Arduino) & Multiple Sensors. This robot is Bluetooth enabled and can work as an RC Car (Bluetooth controlled) using a mobile app. The bot can do Obstacle AvoidanceFollow Light, Scared mode etc. Programmable & open. A great tool to learn about coding & Robotics.

♦ Arduino Inside
♦ App Controlled
♦ Learn To Code
♦ Pre-loaded Modes
♦ 7 Yrs+
♦ Add ons & Expandable

Possibilities with Little Hero

Little hero comes with 4 different modes. You can press the mode button again and again to explore the new modes. Different Modes have different LED Colors assigned in the code. Here are the four different modes available with Little Hero:

  • OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE MODE: In this mode, Little Hero avoids any obstacles present in front of it. The robot avoids the obstacles utilizing the Ultrasonic Sensor present in front(the eyes of Little Hero) place your hand in front of the ultrasonic sensor – one of the motors should now turn in reverse – as long as the hand is held in front of the sensor. Let it move around the room and see that it will take a turn as soon as it reaches near an obstacle.

  • LIGHT FOLLOWING MODE: Little hero Robot will follow Light in this mode. To make it move, take a torch (torch of a mobile phone) and light it in front of the bot. The bot will keep moving forward as long as it sees light. If the light is shown from a bit left or a bit right it will start moving in the respective direction. (NOTE: Light following mode may not properly work in the sunlight. so, use it indoors.)

  • SCARED MODE: In this mode, the Little Hero Robot will act scared as soon as anything comes in front of it.

  • DON’T TOUCH ME, I’LL FOLLOW YOU: In this mode, Robot will follow your hand and as soon as your hand comes near robot it will go away or take a turn.