Can Creativity Be Taught?

“The potential of persons to produce creative works whether or not they have produced any work as yet is what is called creativity.”  -John R. Hayes

Creativity is something that every individual has but to show it up to the public it needs confidence, energy, opportunity, intelligence, discipline, and most importantly different perspective towards things and life. And there comes no second thought that every other person has a different approach towards life. No two persons think or act alike, howsoever similarities they have

Creativity is a skill that can never be taught but can only be enhanced. It comes from “within” of a person. It has two components, i.e., Functionality and Originality.  The one who considers himself/herself as “creative” must ensure that whatever he/she is giving to the audience is self-composed and original and not copied from anywhere. Even if he/she takes ideas from somewhere else, they give them proper credits.

Along with the originality, their work is functional. It means that the task that is performed differently and is presented in a different way is more eye-catchy and functional.


Creativity and Psychology are interlinked with each other. One cannot perform tasks without thinking. Everyone uses their brain to give their level best, but the one who takes the trophy is who thinks out of the box, which brainstorms a little harder than the 1st runner up.

Thus, it can be said that creativity and psychology are interlinked to each other because a person’s psychology determines his/her efficiency to work and the way he/she does.


Learning and innovation go hand in hand. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. So, technically, it is learning and creativity that go hand in hand. You can’t even think to produce something differently if you don’t learn the process for how to initiate that.

We all have heard the phrase, “the need is the cause for inventions.” And, also we are aware of the fact that inventions are not those which happen with a mere thought; they take place followed by the creative thought.


Sir Richard Branson gave a mantra to be creative, and that is, “A-B-C-D (Always Be Connecting the Dots).” If one keeps on connecting the dots and joining the lines, one can get something that others are lacking and thus can outshine.

Researchers have shown that when something is done creatively, its quality and the quantity gets on the same scale. And such a thing is not taught in the books but is ENHANCED by the mentors, teachers, parents, guardians, and with whosoever, the child spends most of his/her time with.

Along with the proper guidance and support, the child’s creativity, the skill can be more enhanced if provided with the proper opportunities, encouragement, training, motivation and, most importantly, the practice.