Learn Coding at home for kids FREE, Yes world-class programs at zero cost. Coding is considered one of the most important 21st-century skills.  Because with coding children learn to interact with computers & digital devices. No wonder the world is talking about this essential skill. From Bill Gates to President Obama every one has emphasized the importance of educating coding to kids at a very early age.

So at Be Cre8v, We feel Coding makes a child calculative & unlike abacus which develops only the speed of calculation, Coding encourages mathematical thinking. We have products & programs based on coding &  creative computing. Even our Little Hero Robot works with GUI based Scratch-like program.

So today, we are sharing a list of links that offer absolutely free & best resources to learn coding  at home for kids. Children can learn about coding at home. The best part about these resources is that they are thoroughly child friendly, in fact, made for children. Its time to start coding.

  • 1. Scratch IDEAS (Age 7+) – GUI based simple & playful coding for kids  https://scratch.mit.edu/ideascoding at home, be cre8v coding, coding for kids, learn coding india, whitehat jr, learn coding india

  • Learn to code games, stories, make animations, music and what not! Ever heard that the best knowledge of the world is available free on the internet. Well, Visit this amazing resource page to learn to code and find out. It is absolutely free & world-class. Even the child doesn’t need to download the application. It’s all online & thoroughly child friendly. Scratch has an amazing community with millions of children uploading projects online.

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    Be Cre8v is an official international partner of Hour of Code by Code.org. So we conduct these events every year to encourage not only children but everyone to join us for 1 hour of coding absolutely free.

    Enormous database of activities & games based on coding. From Disney’s Moana to Frozen, From Starwars to Microsoft’s Minecraft. This has over 100+ activities for children on coding & to top it all, Are you ready? Its all absolutely FREE. So for people who want to spend money on getting an online program on coding for kids. Before you take them anywhere, This is the best place to get your child to get introduced to the fun world of coding. Because its all GUI based, game-based approach, it doesn’t dent the child. I have seen many times that a child would never like to code in his/her life just because of the bad experience the child had initially. So unlike other programs, coding for kids needs child-friendliness.



    • 3. Google CS First: Free activity-based computer science (coding) curriculum by Google. (LINK)

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    Come on its Google! Wait Google offers a free resource for children to learn to code? Yes & its amazing. Plus it offers a chapter-wise curriculum that takes the child through various activities. Each section is lead by a Video that has an instructor & its colorful & made for children.


    • 4. Udemy: Free & very nominal priced (Rs.400/-) online programs on coding for kids  (LINK 1) (LINK 2)

    Udemy is a great website, its one the few websites in the world that offer world-class education at extremely nominal prices. Infact the program I posted above is free on Udemy & it has a rating of 4.7 Stars with more than 1000+ ratings, Infact the program has been attended by more than 32000 people. Impressive isnt it. So incase you are looking for a more structured program thats instructor led. Then Udemy is a great place to learn.

    Incase you can spend Just Rs.420/- Your child can get certified too. Its crazy cool & its all available. In this time when children are spending most time indoors. Its great to have something that’s constructive & available on demand.