According to Richard Branson, “the most talented, thought provoking and game changing people are never normal. "In other words, they are the ones, who always think out of the box.

In every individual’s mind, there is a bell named ‘curiosity’, when this bell rings it results in the brainstorming by the individual. Everyone does every work in their own unique way. Every individual is different and thus their way of doing things will be also unique in a way. This uniqueness is termed, in the simplest terms, the ‘creativity’ of the individual. Each person is different and has a different way of dealing with the things. And this difference is the only thing that makes them unique in the universe.

In the current scenario, the one who thinks, presents and speaks in a way that… that is new to the people, or something that compels the person at other end to brainstorm into the deep depths, is the one who catches the most eyes and is praised by everyone, just like a Hindi proverb ‘Jo dikhta hai vahi bikta hai’. Everyone has this uniqueness of being unique, what it requires is just the identification, the way to know self, a deep introspection and a belief in the self. Uniqueness is damn necessary for one’s survival in the current scenario. For instance,  a chef can make the boring regular food items into something the people would crave for. This is possible because of the creativity of the chef. We all are well aware of the fact that the good the food in looks, the better it tastes, and tasty food is all we want when we go to the restaurants or food courts etc. The unique, the creative way of presenting that same old boring food into a delicacy, makes the person addicted to it. This is what the magic of hard brainstorming is.

In general, the individuals in the second age group(3-12 years of age) are seen to be more creative. It is not like they lose their capability of thinking differently or cannot do something new, but because of n number of pressures, they stop being Creative (not deliberately but because of the circumstances). They are unable to show their creativity because of the other necessities of their lives.

Education is a must these days. Everyone knows and genuinely accepts the fact. But what is more important during a child’s education is to know and let him/her aware of his/her talents. One can do the work more efficiently and creatively. The creative education works as a shiner in polishing a person’s hidden talent and the unique way of performing regular task differently. Someone, once said, “it doesn’t matter, neither it is visible how hardly you perform a task, what is seen as an outcome is- how efficiently and differently you performed the task.”Creativity is directly proportional to the efficiency, and is inversely proportional to the time consumption.

Bill Gates said, “For any difficult task, I will choose a lazy person because a lazy person will find an easier way to perform the task.” It happens because they utilize their more and more time into thinking about life, their perspective and most importantly, they introspect. They know their weaknesses and identify their positive and negative sides early in their life, which the active people lack (in most cases) because they are always into the mad rat race.

The creative the individual is, more efficiently the task will be performed. More the efficiency, more eyes catchy it would be and hence the outcome will be the profits and profits. Creative education is as important as primary education. In fact, it should be included in the curriculum of primary students and make it easier for the children to identify and Utilize their hidden superstars in a more cool way.