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Mini Brush Robot

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The most fun & amazing Robotics & Electronics Learning Kit has come. Brush Robot Mini is an amazing Do-It-Yourself Robotics kit that enables a child to make a very amazing moving toy. Its very simple, Educative & Fun to play with. All instructions & Material included in the box. NO NEED TO SOLDER. All the parts are made plug n play. Let children make there own toys! Be Cre8v Play | Learn | Grow

♦ All parts Plug & Play          ♦ Easy, Fun & Educative          ♦ Creative Toy & Divergent Activity

♦ 7 Yrs+

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very cute

My son built both the mega and mini versions and loves seeing them zip around

Happy kids!

Mykids were thrilled to transform ordinary brushes into little robots! They built both the mega and mini versions and love racing them across the floor.

Arup dey

It's a fun and engaging way to introduce him to the basics of robotics.

Yashika Garg

These brush bot kit is a sneaky way to get my son interested in science and engineering

Aastha Tiwari
Easy to make for children

The easy-to-follow instructions make them perfect for younger children. She loves building both sizes and seeing them come to life.

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