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Halloween Shadow Art Theatre Kit

Rs. 649

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Spooky Fun!

Calling all thrill-seekers and creative creepers! Get ready to conjure up some spooky fun with BeCre8v's Haunted House Shadow Art Kit! This innovative kit transforms your room into a chilling world of shadows, where creepy creatures and ghostly silhouettes come to life.

Everything in the box!

The kit comes with a complete set of hauntingly designed shadow puppets featuring bats with outstretched wings, cackling witches, mischievous ghosts, and other spooky characters that will send shivers down your spine! No need for elaborate decorations! The kit includes a special shadow screen, perfect for casting dramatic silhouettes. Simply place the screen, dim the lights, and prepare to be spooked!


That's right! Each BeCre8v Haunted House Shadow Art Kit comes with special show tickets! Gather your family and friends, dim the lights, and put on a spine-tingling shadow puppet show! Become the master of scares, weaving tales of mischievous ghosts, brave adventurers, and spine-tingling chills. Practice your storytelling skills, perfect your spooky voices, and get ready to amaze your audience with a hauntingly good performance. The applause (and maybe a few screams) will be legendary!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shreya Tiwari
Love it

This haunted house kit is a game-changer for Halloween nights!

Soham Katyal

This kit provides the perfect balance of scary fun for my kidss. The shadow art lets them explore Halloween themes without being too scary.

Sophia J.
spooky stories

My son is having a blast with this kit! He loves building different haunted house scenes and telling scary stories along with the spooky shadows

A good concept

This haunted house kit is a fantastic and affordable way to celebrate Halloween at home!

Great for my daughter

My daughter is obsessed with Halloween! This kit provides a creative outlet for her spooky energy. It's a fun alternative to candy and keeps her entertained for hours.

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