Who We Are

At Be Cre8v, We Create Creators

Being creative is not only fun but very important for any and everyone. This is why our state of the art Creative products offer complete 360 degree solutions in the area of creativity for children.

Our team of professional creative artists develop unique and engaging creative products children. We consider our knowledge and experience as a part of constant research, that has helped us develop a curriculum that thrives on activities, problem solving projects, group programs & technical concepts that are fun for all to be a part of.

Focusing on unstructured education & play based learning our products & workshops are Creation Based (Creative) & provides natural learning & growth.  With direct focus on Cognitive, Behavioral, Building Attitude, Brainstorming and building skill set, Our fun activity kits indirectly enhance traits of an individual’s personality.

Various studies around the world have proved that children are becoming less creative. They are becoming less able to produce unique and unusual ideas. They are also less humorous, less imaginative and less able to elaborate on ideas.

Experts also say creativity is innate, so it can’t really be lost. But it needs to be nurtured.  Its not that creativity disappears, but it gets suppressed if not practised. Kids today have a major ‘Play Deficit’. Children need to play and make more to be creative. In today’s world where children don’t look beyond mobiles, laptops, tv & other technological divergence, Even the content available is making them more of consumer than a maker.

We want children to be inventive and creative. Children today are far away from the joy of playful learning, making & creating things. We want to bring back the love of invention, creation, art, thinking, tinkering & learning by DOING! Our products and curriculum take advantage of multiple disciplines to deliver super effective STEM & STEAM Based Education.

We are Be Cre8v, We intend to make children and everyone Cre8v (Creative).


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