Be Cre8v Summer Camps are no ordinary camp. Every child makes something new during our innovative camp. Activities revolve around - S.T.E.A.M, Robotics, Engineering, Art, Design, Music Making, Self Expression, Sculpting and Much More! Choose the program that your child would love to be a part of and make the full use of these summer breaks.

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summer camp 2019

Little Innovators

The program is structured very carefully for young children aiming to enhance creative engagement, motor skills, critical thinking skills & Hands On. This program will help your child to explore concepts through fun, hands-on projects. We will explore Space, Structures, Chemistry, Flight, Detective and more in this amazing summer program. With stories, games, activities & projects, this workshop is a must attend for every inquisitive mind.

summer camp 2019


Robo coders is a program to teach students about making different robots, gadgets, machines, etc. They learn the basics of coding a robot using block based programming and learn the basics of electronics, mechanics, programming, hardware interfacing, making intelligent robots, useful machines, etc.

summer camp 2019

Inventors & makers

Children will learn to utilize various mediums like Science, Robotics, Electronics, Art and Design etc to create amazing projects. This program brings Hands on & PBL (project based learning) in a fun & playful manner. Each concept shall be explored in detail with various activities & collaborative discussions. The program is made to encourage problem solving skills in children & get them to collaborate & using multi-mediums on building the solutions. The program is based on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths)


Junk Jugaad allows children to work with ordinary material and turn it into something extraordinary. In today's world where children get everything served on a plate and hence decreasing the need to create something new. Junk Jugaad as a part of the creative curriculum encourages children to think out of the box and create something new every day.

summer camp 2019

Music Jammers

Music is an innate quality of human beings. At Be Cre8v, we believe that each & every one of us can play & jam together. Hence our innovative music program Jammers : Electronic Music Making for children gets children to explore music creation in a unique manner. Children start with sounds & exploration of various qualities of sound. They learn to play music together in our super cool Jamming sessions working on beats & sync. From jamming to Making Instruments to Recording & mixing music, this 21st gen program on music is filled with crazy fun & learning By the end of the program childen make their own music pieces & songs. The program uses FL Studio & some other tools for digital mixing. (Laptop Required)

summer camp 2019


Coding is going to an essential skill in the near future. It's said to be the most common language around the world. Children have the ability to learn fast and building creative solutions. At Be Cre8v we have the most innovative and creative program for coding and creative computing. Learn to make amazing games, programs, music & animations, with our Coding Program. Get introduced to coding robots & much more with this innovative project-based workshop.