Our Workshops

Children aged 8 & above can experience & take part in our wonderful workshops. Our workshops include Art, Music, Electronics, Animation, Robotics, Dramatics etc. The outstanding teaching artists of will be leading these multi-arts workshops.

All our workshops are designed using simple but very effective ways that help children develop social & problem-solving skills, self expression, & artistic skills while creating a rewarding project.

Animation & Visual Fx

Animation is defined as “the state of being full of life”. Animation is that magic, that can make one feel amazed. When your drawings or models starts to move, one feels no less than God. We at strongly believe its a must for each individual to know to Animate. Visual Fx is no less than magic, we teach children to make their own Vfx films. Vfx is pure creativity at work.


Children are untapped creative powerhouses. If provided with some knowledge, children can create the unthinkable. In Robotics and Fun with Electronics we provide them with expert knowledge to make various projects. By developing this knowledge of engineering, we enable children to do various DIY projects.


We believe Art is an Expression, Its observation, Art is Appreciation and Art is everywhere. We at love to encourage students to push their limits in Art. Paint, Draw, Sculpt, Design and so much more. We see Art as the basis to our culture. Learning to create and promoting creation values takes learning and self expression to another level. This brings originality in children. We want this magic to reach everyone.

Improv & Theatre Games

Theatre teaches values, such as commitment & dedication. Most importantly it teaches children how to grow into the adults they want to become. It helps them learn to accept others as well. Improv is great fun & requires no previous acting experience or formal training. Its a great way to enourage children to trust their own instincts & use their creative resources.


A great workshop to challenge us, children to recycle what would normally be tossed into our bins each week. This workshop aims to create awareness about a new perspective on ‘Junk’ and environment. This encourages divergent thinkin ing in children. Plastic, buttons, metal objects, wooden pieces, screws etc come together as if they belong to each other.


And the list goes on. We have so many workshops, its hard to fit them all in on this page. We create customized workshops on various topics. & Keep adding amazing new workshops. to our list.

Suggest a workshop by writing us at info@becre8v.com.

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